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Cast and Crew

David Tennant as the Doctor
Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones
Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow
Lucy Gaskell as Kathy Nightingale
Finlay Robertson as Larry Nightingale
Richard Cant as Malcolm Wainwright
Michael Obiora as Billy Shipton
Louis Mahoney as Old Billy
Ben Wainwright as Thomas Nelstrop
Ian Boldsworth as Banto
Ray Sawyear as Desk Sergeant

Written by Stephen Moffat

Directed by Hettie MacDonald

Originally aired on the 9th of June 2007 on BBC One in the United Kingdom.


Exploring an abandoned house leads Sally Sparrow to a message from the Doctor, and some really really scary statues.

High Points

  • Kathy’s letter
  • The second scene with DI Shipton
  • “It’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… stuff.”
  • “Don’t patronise me because people have died and I’m not happy.”

Low Points

  • Martha feels tacked on and useless, although it was nice to see her apparently knowing what was going on during the whatever it was at the end.
  • The very end of the episode montage didn’t seem necessary.

The Scores

Originality: it’s nice to see Doctor Who exploring some of the impact of what time travel can do to continuity. This episode feels fresh and interesting throughout. Five out of six.

Effects: not huge on effects, this episode, but it’s got the ones it needs and they’re good. Six out of six.

Story: a confusing, interesting and ultimately satisfying time-travelling mystery with scary bits. Possibly the best of the entire revived Doctor Who. Six out of six.

Acting: the entire guest cast was excellent, a rare event. Six out of six.

Emotional response: the story gets us involved in the characters, and we really start to care what happens to them. The atmosphere builds, the tension develops and before you know it you’re hiding behind the sofa. Six out of six.

Production: there’s not much to say really. Good sets, good camera work and wonderful lighting. Five out of six.

Overall: possibly the best episode of the revival. Six out of six.

Blink receives a spine-chilling forty out of forty-two.