quecojones writes, I just heard about the new teaser trailer for Episode II (Mystery) and decided to try to view it. Bad idea. :( I went over to the Star Wars web site and learned that I had to have my Episode I DVD in my DVD-ROM drive and go to dvd.starwars.com to view it. I did and the download started OK (The DVD in the DVD- ROM drive and QuickTime v5.02 is required). About halfway through the trailer, my browser (IE v6.0) crashed. :( I have QuickTime Pro v5.02 installed and I had the DVD in my DVD-ROM drive… WTF?!?!? Tomorrow we’re supposed to be able to view the 2+ minute trailer of Episode II that plays before the Harry Potter movie… I’m not very optimistic about being able to view it. Is it just me or are other people having this problem? I’d check it myself, but the DVD-ROM is in the Linux box, so I doubt I can even try. I will be at Harry Potter on Saturday, though.