Battlestar Galactica seaon 4 being split?

Dark Nexus writes, Comments from the BSG panel from DragonCon seem to indicate that Sci-Fi is splitting the season into a pair of 10 episode half-seasons and will air the second half starting in February 2009. Some people are interpreting the comments as a joke though, so take this with a grain of salt. Also, be warned that there are major spoilers in there for those of us following the show on DVD.

6 replies on “Battlestar Galactica seaon 4 being split?”

  1. I’ll stop watching.
    If this is remotely true, I’m not watching season 4. What a waste of resources. I’ll also stop watching everything else on Sci-Fi all together.

    The NBC / iTunes row has me annoyed enough as it is, this will be the final nail in the coffin for NBC/USA/Sci-Fi viewing in my house.

  2. Hell no.
    This would REALLY suck. It’s already bad enough when they push the half 4-6 months apart, but to break a 20 episode season across two fracking years is unacceptable. This isn’t the bleeding Sopranos where they guy needs the extra time to write it all. BSG has a team of incredible writers. I can’t say I wouldn’t watch, but I WILL be really pissed off.

  3. 2 Last Seasons for the Price of 1…
    No! Say it’s not true! Oh noes!!!!

    Yea, I could totally see Sci-Fi pulling this s***.

    I will still watch it however. It might be ‘time-shifted’, but it’ll be watched.

    Where’s my Season 3 DVD US release date? And where’s the BSG version of All Along the Watchtower? If they’re doing this to pump more money out, then give me something to buy!

    Oh well, crummy bastards.

    • Re: 2 Last Seasons for the Price of 1…

      where’s the BSG version of All Along the Watchtower?

      We were told "august" ;-(

      I knew they weren’t gonna deliver, lying bastiches.

  4. A thought…
    Does anybody but me sometimes feel like BSG is the redheaded stepchild in Sci-Fi’s lineup?
    I know the NBC switch is out of their hands, but does anybody have an idea why this would be done?

    I mean NBC stands to lose money if they alienate viewers. That said, somewhere deep in the forgoten pages of deparmental memos is the kernal of an idea as to why this is a good thing. Any thoughts on what that kernel could be?

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