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  1. Funky!
    I’m buying it. It seems like it’s worth it. :)

    Only problem is, I’ll have to wait until next week to buy Planet of the Apes. :(

    Any reviews of PotA online?

      • Re: Funky!

        How about this

        I saw that, thanks. I meant a review of the DVD. It’s supposed to hit shelves tomorrow (same as The Matrix Revisited), and if you beleive the TV ads, it’s supposed to be “…the most technically advanced DVD ever…” or something. ;)

        I just wanted to see an objective/independant review to see if it lives up to the hype.

    • Re: Funky!
      Well, I work at a video store, so I got to see the DVD before it came out. I like the special features a lot, especially since I am a producer, but the film still leaves one flat. I think Burton did a great job, and I think the production was just great, but the script failed to provide much substance.

      To sum up…this movie is another page in Hollywood’s great book of style over substance.

      The DVD is a MUST SEE for aspiring filmakers though, as are an increasing number of other films. Episode 1 is a great example.

      As to the new Matrix extra’s disk…well, we didn’t get that at the store and we will not. Nobody will rent a special features disk. (Yes that means we are nobody, from a statistical retail POV at any rate.)

      Now…if they re-release a 2 DVD version of the Matrix with the movie and this disk in the same box, we’d probably get that. If they are smart they will do exactly that shortly before Matrix:Reloaded hits theatres as part of the marketing.

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