Weekly Digital Disc Picks – September 25, 2007

For some reason, the Christmas season hits the DVD market in October. Things are even starting to build towards that now.

First, the DVD releases:

Now, the Blu-Ray releases:

Here are the HD DVD releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. I’ve got to go with the second season of My Name Is Earl. That’s just a great show. Jamie Pressley just won an Emmy for her work on it, too.

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    • Re: Alone in the Dark

      This came out in the theatres in 2005, what do you mean that it is a direct-to-disc sale? This is an extended release.

      I missed the theatrical release entirely. My only awareness of it was from the "coming soon to video" trailers I’ve been seeing on other videos, one of which (the direct to video Man-Thing adaptation) is two years old. I (incorrectly) assumed that it must be direct to video, and I stand corrected.

  1. Alright!
    Yay! Drawn Together Season 2, FINALLY! I’ve been waiting forEV… I mean, uh, I’d never watch that show. <.<

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