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  1. What the heck, no one else has commented…
    I have to say, among the crop of new shows this one is my favorite by far. It feels so much more polished and the comedy just works well, doesn’t seem forced at all. I actually look forward to the next episode.

    I got a kick out of the devil at the end of this episode when he gleefully pushed the cart out in front of someone.

    • Re: What the heck, no one else has commented…
      I haven’t said anything because I just watched this week’s episode last night. I don’t know yet if it’s my favorite, but it’s certainly the funniest new show I’m watching. The characters are interesting, and I have no reservations about where this show is going. Pretty much every other new show gives me at least a little feeling of apprehension about direction.

  2. What the…
    I’m wondering why tivo decided not to get this. I have a season pass and it looks like it’s planning on getting the next few… what the heck?

  3. I gave up on it
    I quit about 1/2 though the second episode.
    I really liked the devil character and if the show was just him and what’s his name, the reaper guy (not a good sign when I can’t remember any of the characters names), I’d watch it more.
    His best buddy is just really annoying and in anything like real life, would have been fired long ago.
    But I can’t watch everything, so this one was the first casualty of the new season, assuming you don’t count the
    shows I didn’t watch at all.

    • Re: I gave up on it
      I haven’t quite, but while the first episode looked like it had potential for developing the story, the second one just felt like a sitcom. The use of the remote control, both what happened on the first try, and then the subsequent success, were rather predictable (though not the *exact* manner of the first try). I’m hoping they do actually go somewhere with it though, as there is a lot of potential.

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