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cabrubak writes, I know technically this is a “romantic drama”, but any thing where its more of a “forensic fairy tale” .

cabrubak continues,
I loved the almost surreal feel to the pilot (called “Pie-lette” due to the main character being a pie maker who owns the “Pie Hole”).

It was extremely bitter sweet, especially since the couple in the story will never be allowed to touch.

It was created by Bryan Fuller the creator of “Dead Like Me” and co createror of “Wonderfalls”, so maybe we will see Caroline Dhavernas or Ellen Muth guest star.

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  1. Mmm pies
    I loved it. A few reservations about how it can possibly last as a series, but otherwise clearly the year’s best pilot so far.

  2. nothing like it on TV, ever
    this is by far the most original television show i’ve ever seen … it is truly incomparable to anything else ever aired on American television (i qualify that statement purely because there may have at one point been a comparable anime show somewhere — pure speculation)

    the visual look of the show is what really makes it work … enjoying the show is really all about suspending disbelief, and buying into the main character, his ability, and the "rules" about how he can use it. no one would buy it if you reused sets and lighting from 90210, friends, buffy, xena, stargate or any other show — the super sturated color and over the top visuals really sell it as a modern day fantasy.

    the success of the show will really depend on: a) can the keep people from being scared away by how different it is. b) can they tell an interesting running narrative. individual episode stories will be easy – they’ve got a nice wide premise to work with to have all sorts of "fun" mysteries, but will they be able to engross people in these characters given all the oddness.

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