Weekly Digital Disc Picks – December 4, 2007

Remember last week when I told you to save your pennies for this week? This is why. There were no less than seven serious contenders for the Pick of the Week. This is an excellent week to finish your Christmas shopping.

First, the DVD releases:

Now, the Blu-Ray releases:

The HD DVD releases are as follows:

Finally, the pick of the week. This is a tough one to decide. 12 Angry Men is an amazing movie, particularly when you consider that virtually all of it is filmed in a single room. Some Like It Hot is funny start to finish, ending with one of cinema’s best final lines of dialogue. Wallace and Gromit always entertain. The first season of Battlestar Galactica is great, and very welcome in a high definition format. John Ford and Buster Keaton were both masters of their art. The “Decade Collection” series seems to have chosen a lot of great options. Still, when it all comes down, none of these are the pick of the week. Instead, I have to go with the Ingmar Bergman set from the Criterion Collection. I’ve reviewed The Seventh Seal and The Virgin Spring already. If you’ve got those two, plus two others likely of comparable quality, all produced and released by the Criterion Collection company, you’re in excellent shape.