2 replies on “Supernatural Discussion – “Mystery Spot””

  1. I have to say something at least
    I really liked it. I love the fact that they name their reference, I loved the bad-ass character development in Sam, and even though I could see a few of the ‘surprise’ deaths coming, I still had a strong emotional reaction to them (mostly lmao).

    This season is exceptionally good. And, of course, the music choices are still a big plus to the show.

  2. Tweaked, the repercussions will be interesting
    That was a very tweaked episode, though the part where the deaths started happening back-to-back had my wife and I ROTFL – "do these tacos taste funny to you?"

    It will be interesting to see how Sam’s six months of soul-destructive toughing-up will work now that the two are back together.

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