Supernatural Discussion – “Jus In Bello”

I was going to apologize for the late “Smallville” review, but it turns out tonight is a “Supernatural” double header instead of the usual “Smallville” lead in. I’m betting that’s actually going to be a more enjoyable night.

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    • Re: Appropriate title

      I didn’t understand the title at first and thought it had something to do with Bella. Once I looked it up though, it made a lot more sense concerning what they were willing to do to survive.

      I sorta get the feeling that she-demon was trying to corrupt our bros here, not just help them.
      Like how last weeks’ nasty was actually giving Sam a good few months of hardcore training, not just messing with him, this week’s cavalry, if you ask me, was trying to nudge the heroes to the dark side.

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