Weekly Digital Disc Picks – March 11, 2008

There’s some good stuff cropping up again. The post-Christmas buying lull has passed, so we’re getting solid library titles again.

First, the DVD releases:

Now, the Blu-Ray releases:

Some of the last HD DVD releases are as follows:

Finally, the pick of the week. Of the titles I’ve seen, I’d go with either Gattaca or Dogma, depending on your home theatre technology and sensitivity about religious topics. However, I’m also buying four titles I haven’t seen that are likely worth checking out: all three Fox Film Noir titles, and Stargate – Ark of Truth.

3 replies on “Weekly Digital Disc Picks – March 11, 2008”

  1. Points
    a) Some of us already HAVE the original Bachelor Party. I mean, uh, I’m, uh, sure someone does. Yeah that’s it.

    b) They’re still releasing HDDVDs?

    c) Ok, this is my real point – the Stargate movie.

    I’d love to get it. I really would. But there is no way I’m buying a standard-definition DVD when I know for a fact they shot the thing in hidef. I’m thinking that they’ll eventually air the thing in hidef, and/or release it on bluray. I’ll wait. Or watch it last night.

    • Re: Points
      I’m just commenting on item B. The studios still had movies "in the pipe" to be produced on HDDVD. They aren’t going to just chuck them after already pressing them. You’ll see these start to dwindle down to nothing in another month or so.

      Then you can rebuy them in Blu-Ray! That’s right, stimulate the economy! If you don’t buy stuff…the terrorists win. Right?

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