Golden Globe Nominations announced

The Golden Globe nominations are out for all to
see. You can read the complete list in a
convenient form over at
Ain’t It Cool News
. The sci-fi and fantasy
nominations are listed below by film or
television show.

Not surprisingly, Lord of the Rings:
Fellowship of the Ring
was nominated for
best picture (drama), best director, best
original score, and best song.

Nicole Kidman was nominated for The

Shrek was nominated for best picture
(musical or comedy).

I don’t know what Ghost World is, but it
sounds like fantasy, and Thora Birch got a
nomination for it.

Jude Law picked up a best supporting actor
nomination for A.I.. The same movie was
also nominated for best director, and best
original score.

On the television front, Julianna Marguiles
picked up a nomination for her work in The
Mists of Avalon

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  1. Ghost World
    is actually based on a graphic novel about two disaffected/fringe girls in Southern California. Nothing supernatural at all, as far as I know

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