Random Harry Potter Stuff

Seems kinda anti-climactic after the sheer horror that is that Star Wars story… anyway, the DVD of “Philosopher’s Stone” (or, if you insist, “Sorcerer’s Stone”) is due out on May 7th. (Speculation persists that the fifth book is due out at about the same time, but there’s nothing official out there about that one.)

And J.K. Rowling got married to an anesthesiologist she’s been seeing for about a year. Congrats!

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    • Re: I’m Sorry,

      And anesthesiologist?

      Lets Hope The next Harry Potter Isn’t A Sleeper.

      AAAAUGH!!!! if you hadn’t apologized in advance I would come find you and string you up by your little fingers.
      seriously, though, I can’t wait for the fourth one to come out in paperback…

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