From The Creators Of South Park…

The boys are at it again. They’re working on “Family First,” a sitcom (with real live actors, nonetheless!) which will star, well, we don’t know yet.

See, the stars will be actors portraying whoever wins that silly election tomorrow (and it’s still way too close to call). It’s set to debut at the end of February — since the South Park team is used to working like meth-addicted college students to rewrite whole shows at the last minute, the relatively short deadline (in sitcom terms) shouldn’t faze ’em at all. Obligatory “read more” article is over here.

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  1. Eeeek.
    I’ll bet the South Park boys weren’t expecting anything nearly as kooky as the current round of “Election Follies”. I hope their show turns out alright, even if they might not be able to start casting for another month.

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