3 replies on “X-Files Season Nine will be the last”

  1. Hmmm…
    As my wife said to me about this: “no mulder, no show, no surprise”. At least it’s had a fairly good run.

  2. We all knew this was coming…
    I am disappointed as the next guy about this. The X-Files was the only show (besides That 70’s Show) that I looked forward to seeing each week. But the episode two weeks ago that had that “stand in” Mulder running through that quarry, really made me cringe. We all know it wasn’t David Duchovny, and it just made it that much more unbelievable. Granted, I really like the new characters (Robert Patrick has done a fabulous job) but it’s not the same without the Mulder and Scully “relationship” there. It is neat to see them expressing their true feelings finally, but over freakin’ e-mail! Come on. And like we’re suppose to believe that David Duchovny’s Mulder is sitting off hiding somewhere writing love notes to Scully. I don’t think so. Overall, I’m both happy and sad to see the show go. I would gladly give up week after week of “fake Mulder in the shadows” cameos for a movie every couple years with the original cast. The show had an awesome run. Not many shows (good ones at least) make it 9 years. So that’s an accomplishment in and of itself. Let’s hope they do convince David to come back for the 2 part series finale. That would send it off with a bang. And who knows, if enough people watch those, Chris and David may change their minds. :)

  3. Should have happened a while back
    The death of CSM really signalled the end of the X-Files for me, with him the show lost it’s whole dark conspiracy thing not to mention the “is he a bad guy, or a good guy with misdirected intentions” thing. When he died, I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t want to believe it – I kept telling myself “he’s ‘died’ before, I’m sure he’ll be back”.

    Mulder being dropped wasn’t such an issue for me (leaves Scully to be all mine, all mine I tell you !), but the loss of the conspiracy, the loss of that mystery, that was a death blow.

    The early seasons are where it’s at people, get em on DVD while stocks last :-)

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