TV review: No Heroics, Episode Two

And on we go. Introductory text here, all that jazz. Yeah.

Principal Cast and Crew

Patrick Baladi as Excelsor
Nicholas Burns as The Hotness
Claire Keelan as Electroclash
James Lance as Timebomb
Rebeka Staton as She-Force

Directed by Ben Gregor.

Written by Drew Pearce.


The Hotness receives a tip-off about a drugs deal in Putney, but as his car failed its MoT he is forced to go on the bus where he runs into some trouble trying to chat up a girl. She-Force and Electroclash attend a fan club meeting dedicated to Lady Trouble, the duo they used to operate as. Timebomb meets a hero called Fusebox who raises the question – why are superheroes so interested in casual, meaningless sex?

High Point

The truth comes out – rather more of it than anticipated – at the fan club meeting.

Low Point

I’m starting to feel that the Hotness social incompetence scenes are already getting old, and it’s only episode two.

The Scores

Originality: Three out of six.

Effects: Almost not there, and unfortunately The Hotness’ use of his powers to heat a ready meal doesn’t look very good at all, and the bus is a bit obviously greenscreened to make it look like it’s driving along. Three out of six.

Story: There’s some thought in the backstories coming out here, although everything’s fairly predictable. The story isn’t so much about what happens as what it shows us about the characters and the situation they’re in. Four out of six.

Emotional Response: Laughter. A bit of sympathetic embarrassment. Four out of six.

Acting: The superhero fan club were superb. Five out of six.

Production: Five out of six

Overall: Four out of six.

No Heroics episode two receives twenty-eight out of forty-two.

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  1. Object
    I heard they’re gonna add this new guy, and his power will be that he forgets to put in introductory text.

    Okay, that sucks. Anyone have anything better?

  2. Dull
    It’s kinda dull, but I think that’s just because of their focus on The Hotness. Take him out, and the rest of the characters are fun and entertaining.

    And I’d say how cute I thought She-Force was, except I’m afraid everyone will suddenly assume I’m some guy with a life size poster of her with a hole in it.

    • Re: Dull

      … except I’m afraid everyone will suddenly assume I’m some guy with a life size poster of her with a hole in it.

      The eye hole at that…

      Drop the Hotness. More Timebomb…

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