Star Wars Fan Film Network

At long last, Lucasfilm has finally realized that fan-produced films aren’t at all omens of the Dark Side. Instead of suing them out of existence, there’s now an official home for ’em. Internet film distributor AtomFilms will handle the technical side of distributing fun farces like the Cops-inspired Troops and, if we’re lucky, even “Dark Redemption.” The site, when it opens up, will be over here.

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  1. Episode II
    I just viewed the teaser trailer for StarWars Episode II and I thought I was watching a remake of the original bloody Dune movie!!! When I saw the wall expolding in the desert I suspected that they took a side tour to attack the Duke Leto’s stronghold in the city of Arakeen… and was that Gurney Hallek I thought I spied at the forefront of the horde o’ Jedi knights running across the desert shouting “Long live Yoda!”? What is next? Does senator Palpatine turn out to be the first Paddasha Emperor? enough ranting… on the bright side it probably won’t suck as heartily as Episode I… let’s hope that they concentrate a little more on plot and character than special effects this go round.

  2. Speaking of Dune…
    Just in case anyone didn’t already know, The Sci Fi Channel is remaking “Dune” as a miniseries. It starts in early December. (Don’t worry, Blendar, you cable-less fiend, I’m planning to tape it.)

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