“Smallville” replaced by “The Graysons” next year?

It seems that The Graysons, about Dick Grayson’s life before becoming Robin, will be produced as a pilot for the CW by the current team behind “Smallville.” Keep in mind that “Aquaman” got further than this and didn’t get a full series treatment; this is only at the pilot stage.

2 replies on ““Smallville” replaced by “The Graysons” next year?”

  1. It’s only October
    C’mon Fiz! April first is months away. It’s not fair to post gag entries in….

    Oh. I see.

  2. From TFA:

    Newsarama apologizes for accidentally placing an image of Tim Drake (the current "Robin") with this story as first published.

    Wow, you know some comic geeks reamed them for that somewhere.

    The idea doesn’t sound like something I’d watch. I only got into Smallville because it was Superman, and I’m not about to give them another chance with a second string character. I’m still disappointed at them using Oliver Queen instead of Bruce Wayne. Once someone pointed that detail out to me (on this board) the entire scheme of it soured for me.

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