Galactica returning January 16, 2009

Newsarama reports that BSG’s final episodes will begin airing on Sci-Fi beginning on Friday, January 16, 2009. There will be Web-based mini-episodes leading up to it, and ten days prior (January 6, 2009) we’ll finally get the first half of the season on DVD.

January will also bring us new BSG comics, focusing on the first war between Human and Cylon.

2 replies on “Galactica returning January 16, 2009”

  1. Opening Shot
    …is of Galactica doing an unmanned atmospheric entry coming in from orbit around Earth, smashing into lower Manhattan Island and adding one additional small crater to the huge thermonuclear ones already there. From their tent city in New Jersey, the previously landed Galactica crew looks on as the impact shock wave topples what’s left of the Statue of Liberty….

    …and with THAT season opener money shot out of the way, BSG can immediately move forward with THIS season’s descent into further nihilism…

    Can you tell from the above that I’m reading The Road by Cormac McCarthy? Very good book, actually, and coming out as a movie next month. Something to tide you over and get you in the correct mood while waiting on BSG…

  2. Galacti-what?
    You mean that show from the 70’s or something? They doing a remake of that? Huh. I think I heard something about that… a… long… time… ago.

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