Live Action “Ninja Scroll” film from WB

SciFi Wire reports that Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to adapt the action-horror anime Ninja Scroll for live action. The film is currently being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way, as well as Japanese animation studio Madhouse, who did the animation for the original release. The script is currently being written by Alex Tse, who wrote the screenplay for the upcoming adaptation of Watchmen as well as the currently-in-production adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s “Illustrated Man” anthology – both films being either directed by or likely to be directed by (respectively) Zach Snyder (300)

This makes for the 2nd live-action adaptation of a hyper-violent anime to be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio (the first being a 2-part adaptation of Akira). Also, if past results are indicative of future performance, I suspect that Zach Snyder might end up being a prospective director for this film as well.

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  1. why did I read that…
    as ninja gaiden?

    anyways, be interesting to see how Leo handles this. For a child star he’s had a good steady career – which removes him from consideration as a good role model for other child stars.

    Him and a whole boat load of others.

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