Weekly Digital Disc Picks – November 11, 2008

The Christmas quality flood is definitely here. I’ll get back on top of the comic reviews this evening.

First, the DVD releases:

Now, the Blu-Ray releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. Firefly on Blu-Ray is probably the best quality product out this week. If you don’t have Blu-Ray yet, this is one of those titles likely worth upgrading for. If not, my pick of the DVD titles is The General. I once showed the single disc release to a group of friends, one of whom immediately reacted to the suggestion with “I expletive deleted hate expletive deleted silent movies and expletive deleted black and white movies.” Twenty minutes later, he was crying with laughter, and afterwards admitted he was wrong. I consider both titles to be “must see” titles this week.

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  1. Hellboy II was disappointing
    I was very disappointed with Hellboy II – it was too jokey and there was too much deus ex machina in use. As an Irish ex-pat I was jumping for joy near the end, but that was just about it for the entire movie, when I had loved the first one. It really felt like Guillermo didn’t take his time with it to polish the story as much as with e.g. Pan’s Labyrinth.


  2. Shawn The Sheep / Off The Baa
    The Shawn The Sheep / Off The Baa DVDs are based around a spin-off from the Wallace And Gromit animations and are hilarious. Each of the eight episodes are 7 minutes of excellent comedy, for kids and adults alike. They’re mostly silent, other than occasional grunts from the various characters, so the animation team rely on their strong skills to tell the story rather than hiring named actors. I am confused why they’re selling two different packs with the same Wallace & Gromit episodes, it’s kinda odd. Still, the Shawn DVD is well worth picking up, especially if you have any kids in the family.


  3. Sopranos: The Complete Series

    While I don’t plan on buying this (maybe in the future, if I see it discounted), I recommend it to those who missed it the first time around, or have watched only the bowdlerized A&E version. The entire series makes a very compelling (if very long) movie.

    • Re: About Kujibiki Unbalance

      Just to let you know (since I can’t add the information myself to the article) – Kujibiki Unbalance is the Show-Within-A-Show from Genshiken, another anime series about anime fandom, based around a Japanese collegate "geek" club.

      Gahh, I was in a HTML state of mind. Fixed!

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