There’s a rap video giving the basic rundown of the LHC at CERN available on YouTube, which is amusing and informative. We may have more LHC content shortly; see below for details.

In my day job now, I’m a teacher working in private education. Before getting my B.Ed., I earned my M.Sc. in Particle Physics doing quality control for a piece of the ATLAS experiment which is one of the four major experiments using the LHC. I started doing a quick rundown of the detector to present to grade 12 physics classes at the request of a local teacher who knew my background, but that appears to have fallen through. I’ve decided to expand the information a bit and post it here for any of our interested readers. That’ll take a fair amount of time to complete, so it’ll get done faster if people let me know there interested. So, is there interest in a document outlining the big questions and components of particle physics today? If so, post below or e-mail me directly.