Congratulations CmdrTaco and Kathleen Fent

As those of you who read Slashdot probably already know, CmdrTaco is getting married to the fine woman this website is run by. Congratualtions to the happy couple! You can read the details here. (Category left as Ask The Bureau because nothing else is even remotely appropriate.)

2 replies on “Congratulations CmdrTaco and Kathleen Fent”

    • Re: categories?

      i never noticed you guys had categories. is there a page that lists them?

      Never thought one was needed, actually, but it’d probably only be the work of a few minutes to whip one up.

      The categories have been in since the very earliest versions of this site. There aren’t nearly enough of them to be all-inclusive, though; there’s only a dozen or so (Star Wars, Star Trek, Books, TV, Movies, Harry Potter, Video Games, and so on. Most of ’em are vague like that).

      They’re all listed on the Search page, at least. You should be able to just pick a category and leave the text box blank, and have it do the Right Thing.

      In fact, since I’ll be spending what little free time I have in the next few days coding for another site, I’m gonna claim that the search page is in fact the listing you want. :-)

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