2001 In 2001

Like they’d let the year 2001 pass without a re-release of the Stanley Kubrick classic.

Those of us in the States might not be able to see it for a while, though; the current re-release schedule only lists London (1/1/2001) and Berlin (2/18/2001) explicitly. All things being equal, though, I think Warner would be foolish to not schedule something next year.

2 replies on “2001 In 2001”

  1. Well OF COURSE it’s going to be re-released
    Word on the street has it that Stanley was getting ready to rework the prints he has (ala Lucas’ reworking of _Star Wars_) for a 2001 release. It’s simply the Most Signficant Film of the year, IMHO. If the Kubrick/Spielberg release of _AI_ comes out as well, then it’s a double header.

    The real pity is that one cannot see the movie the night of 12/31/2000 … leaving the theater as the Third Millenium begins seems like the only real option …

  2. I’ll be watching
    I live in Edmonton. Although we have more movie screens, theatre seats, and movie goers per capita than any other city in North America, we still tend to got lost in the shuffle on stuff like this. However, I plan to be watching on DVD and the new year rolls around.

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