Weekly Digital Disc Picks – December 30, 2008

The last week of 2008 is upon us. What are you spending your gift cards on? (Hint: if you don’t have Blu-Ray, wait a week.)

First, the DVD releases:

Now, the Blu-Ray releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. If you support Blu-Ray, go for Serenity. If not, hold on to your pennies and pick up Battlestar Galactica Season 4.0 on January 6.

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  1. Addendum – Alternative Pick
    As I have seen it – I strongly reccomend picking up Season 1 of Black Lagoon. It’s not genre (so I won’t be reviewing it here), but it is very good. It’s up there with Cowboy Bebop (okay, maybe not in the music department, but in the action and characterization department it’s definitely up there).

    Oh, and with Area 88 – the old SNES video game and arcade game UN Squadron was based on this show – again, not Genre (so not going to get reviewed here by me) but I have heard good things about it – I haven’t watched it (yet) so I can’t back those up, but I will pass along what I’ve heard. Anyway – Amazon.com is describing it as being a "Complete Collection" – Not sure why the "Volume 1" is there – the collection is 3 disks and the show was 12 episodes long, so the whole show is should be there.

    Oh, and as a heads up – "Step Up Love Story" is borderline porn – there’s no actual explicit sex, but that’s basically everything the show is about

    • Re: Addendum – Alternative Pick
      Area 88 has a cool premise which is almost a stright rip off of Count of Monte Cristo *cough* The animation looks like that 70s style anime which was was regurgitated to the North American masses throughout the 80s (Gatchaman, Galaxy Express, etc.). The ending is also pretty crappy.

      I don’t recommend it to anyone :/

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