Supernatural Discussion – “Family Remains”

Supernatural (and Smallville) return with new episodes tonight. Here’s the spot to discuss the former; the latter (returning with “Legion,” written by comics scribe Geoff Johns) will get a review before the weekend is out.

2 replies on “Supernatural Discussion – “Family Remains””

  1. ’bout dadgum time!
    Supernatural has been fantastic this year and Smallville has finally evolved beyond Lana agnst and realy started filling in the mythos.

    Actually Supernatural has gotten better each season and this seasons opened floored me.

    I was wondering how they’d get Dean out of hell.
    Now I know.

  2. finger lickin’ good!
    This show had a creep factor off the chart! "Ewww" with some catharsis.

    But what can you discuss about it without keeping the whole conversation in spoiler guard?

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