Pamela Anderson’s likeness in cartoon

I know this isn’t our regular sort of topic, but it’s just too bizarre to pass up. The IMDB Cool News People News section for March 5 is reporting that Pamela Anderson is developing a cartoon version of herself with Stan “The Man” Lee. The title of this masterpiece? Striperella. Oh, Stan, how could you play a part in subjecting the world to this?

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  1. Not that out of character
    Well, I wouldn’t exactly call Stan Lee a paragon of restraint and taste in the first place. I remember the days of and the 2 MB “newsletter” emails containing dippy (but amusing) fake news about “searching for signs of intelligent life in cyberspace” and releasing an army of mutants who came out of your computer screen.

    “Striperella” doesn’t seem all that oulandish, all things considered. Besides, Pamela Anderson is 75% cartoon anyway, it’s a natural evolution for her :)

    • Re: Animation

      I suppose animation is one way to defy gravity…..

      Oddly Enough, I heard Somewhere That’s Why. She Said Something To the Effect Of ‘I Know I Won’t Stay Young Forever, But This Way I Sort Of Can’. In Otherwords, she Wants To Be Immortalized In Comic Form. Not A Bad Idea, Really, It Seems Like Elvira Has Been Trying To Do that Lately. Selling Her Overmarketted Image Rather Than Herself.

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