Roland Emmerich to direct Foundation

SciFi Wire is reporting that Sony Columbia has won the film rights to Issac Asimov’s Foundation saga. Roland Emmerich (Stargate, Independence Day, the Godzilla remake, The Day After Tomorrow) is slated to direct.

I had a semi-open mind for all this until I saw that Emmerich was slated to direct. A lot of his recent stuff, frankly, has been eye candy, at best, absolute dren at worst, and he tends to write his own films (or make enough changes to get himself a writer credit), which doesn’t help things any. I’m going to have major reservations until this movie is in theaters, unless a better director is put onto the project.

All things considered, I’d rather have Spielberg than Emmerich.

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  1. Uh-oh…
    I’m currently reading the Foundation series (well, actually hearing it in audio book form), and only a few days ago I thought to myself, it would be quite a challenge to make a movie or series of movies based on it. I thought it would take some rather talented writers for such a project, considering the great timespans covered by the series and all the intricacies of the stories, many of which would undoubtedly be lost in the process.

    Now, with Roland Emmerich at the job I am prepared for the worst. I would not be surprised to see some generic Sci-Fi action flic that merely scratches the surface of a distorted Foundation story. I watched 10.000 BC only recently and had the distinct impression that Emmerich had reached a new all-time low with this project. Oh how I hope I am wrong about him.

  2. Filming in Montreal
    That’s strange, I thought they were already filming this. They closed down the block in front of my work in May 07 and all the production signs said "Isaac Asimov’s Foundation." I didn’t get to see what they were actually filming though.

    Hrrm. I remember being angry at IMDB at the time because all the info about the production was behind the the pay to view "Pro User" access.

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