Children of Dune casting followup

There’s more information on Children of Dune casting. They need to change the actress for Alia just because of the age of the character, but what was wrong with Saskia Reeves as Jessica, I ask you? Anyway, AICN has the info here.

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  1. Makes good business sense
    This makes good business sense. Susan Sarandon is a highly respected actress and her signing onto the project would create a tremendous amount of interest in it. Assuming it’s not an absolute disaster, it would also make it much easier to get other well-known “serious” actors to sign onto future projects.

    Think about it – most serious actors probably think that SciFi is an adolescent ghetto. They see the crap directed at the 13-19 male audience (aka “boobs and blasters”), or the infantilization of Star Wars, and not the serious literature.

    Of course we know that there’s still a lot of good stuff being produced. But most mainstream actors would never give a serious show a second thought – if there’s serious talk of N’Sync doing cameos as Jedi Knights in “Send in the Clowns” (or whatever the next ep is called), and this is what seems to get the fans excited, then this genre can’t be taken seriously. But an Academy-award winning actress saying that there’s still stories worth doing will get a lot of attention.

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