This is a pretty lean week, but there are a few specific items of interest, particularly for Doctor Who fans.

First, AceCaseOR’s picks:

  • Ashes of Time Redux: Blu-Ray only, and it appears to be an import, but an all-region import (so it will work on your Blu-Ray player basically no matter what region you’re in). It’s a wuxia film from Wong Kar-Wai (In The Mood For Love, Chungking Express, lots of other stuff.)
  • Clannad Complete: The series is a romance anime (I don’t know how much comedy is in there) based on an H-Game (though all of the H elements have been removed).
  • Five Star Stories: Science Fiction space opera anime based on the manga by Nagano Mamoru. This appears to be a re-release.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket Complete Collection: Very depressing side story to the core Gundam series about a Gundam test facility on a neutral colony, one of the kids who lives there, the Zeon pilot who comes to destroy the prototype who befriends the kid, and the old friend of the kid who has come to pilot the prototype during testing.
  • Steam Detectives Complete Collection
  • Wadanba Syle Complete Collection

Then, Fiziko’s DVD picks:

Now, Fiziko’s Blu-Ray releases:

Finally, the picks of the week. AceCaseOR says “Not a lot this week. My pick is going to be, going by stuff I’ve seen already, War In The Pocket. It’s depressing, but very good.” Fiziko says “I haven’t seen a lot coming out this week. If I were to pick something out on spec, I’d go with the Wong Kar Wai “Ashes of Time.”