chad writes, The Hollywood Reporter has reviewed the Watchmen movie and calls it “the first real flop of 2009.” Warning: spoilers if you haven’t read the comic.

Our own review of Watchmen should be up this weekend, once we’ve (we being the Royal We, referring to a member of the staff) had a chance to see it (we don’t get invited to those swanky advanced screenings, unfortunately.)

EDIT: Clarified the article title – sorry, those who were misled on the RSS feed. My bad.

Frankly, the Hollywood Reporter’s reviewer isn’t on my personal “Reviewers I Trust” list, my list is topped by (in no particular order) my fellow staff members here, and Shawn Levy and Mike Russell from the Portland Oregonian, among others. Anyway, apparently the public screenings of the movie have already started in Belgium, and the word of mouth I’ve gotten on some other forums from people there has been favorable, so, for the moment, take the Hollywood Reporter’s reporter’s review with a pinch of your seasoning of choice.