Supernatural Discussion – “Death Takes A Holiday / On The Head Of A Pin”

Sorry we missed the column last week. Pitch in any comments you have on any episodes in the season (or series) to date.

2 replies on “Supernatural Discussion – “Death Takes A Holiday / On The Head Of A Pin””

  1. Still loving it
    Haven’t seen the latest ep yet, but there were a few really good shows this season (Especially the halloween specials). Death Take A Holiday was ok (better than most TV, average to most Supernaturals), and I was glad to see the kid from Weeds in there.

  2. Anna
    My wife wasn’t too happy to see Anna return, but I was.

    I’m pretty interested in where the "big picture" is headed this year, but I’m also enjoying the stand-alone episodes that don’t have much to do with the main plot.

    Next week’s episode looks like it will be pretty funny, too.

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