Geeks IRL trailer

Alexius writes, Black Cat has finished the trailer for ‘Geeks IRL’, A Mocumentary Of Geeks in Pittsburgh. It’s A Large Download, But Pretty Entertaining.

(Yes, I’m Biased, You’ll See How Biased When You Watch It.) The trailers are too large for me to download and watch at work. (They are 39 and 104 megabytes) but I’ll definitely take a look when I get home. In the meantime, what do you people think?

5 replies on “Geeks IRL trailer”

  1. blackcat says:

    i posted a smaller way compressed 13.1 meg file of the
    entire first episode (7 minutes long) for those of you
    with dial-up connections or no patience.

    hope you enjoy

    i’m crazy!!!!

  2. starbreeze says:

    Joe, you are a dork. (nt)
    Joe, you are a dork.

  3. blackcat says:

    success in PA

    so far over 70 people have viewed Episode one (geeks
    IRL) and it is a success

    here’s the link again
    yes it works now and i have smaller downloads up

    episode two is in progress right now…GAMERS

    followed by dumpster diving

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