Oddball roundup

We’ve run across a few oddball stories or links in the past week that we feel are worth sharing, but don’t really fit into any of our existing categories. (See below.) To kludge this particular article into one of our categories, I’ll ask the Bureau this question: do you want to see more articles like this one?

Have you run across anything you’d like to share?

3 replies on “Oddball roundup”

      • Re: Sure!

        My contribution: the real-life anti-mosquito laser defense death ray system.

        Oh my god! I live in Florida… Must. Have.

        Well, they’re designing this thing for villages in third-world countries as a defense against malaria. Unless somebody’s got plans to subsidize these things I figure they must be planning to make them really cheap. Which hopefully means they’ll find their way into North American back yards in 10 years or so…

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