3 replies on “New “Spider-Man” trailer online.”

  1. drooling….

    all i can say is my spider-sense is so skitzo right now

    this movie has to be excellent….even if they turned it into
    a teen audience-related film

    …any news of sequels after the first one comes out?


    • Re: drooling….

      …any news of sequels after the first one comes out?

      Why, yes. Yes there is. Read
      about it here.
      Another source (the IMDB if
      memory serves) says that Raimi is already involved in
      the first sequel. The novel includes three villains
      in the pre-villain stages, too, although two will
      likely be cut if Raimi is asked to edit for length.
      The third pre-villain will probably make the final
      cut. If you want more details, ask me for them.

  2. Not that great
    Hmm… I hope I don’t get blasted too much for this, but… I didn’t really like it. Too much hokey-looking CGI, too many explosions and jump-cuts.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against CGI — but some of those shots looked really goofy and / or unfinished. Plus, though Spider-Man has always been action-packed, I was always more interested in the characters. Is there any J. Jonah Jameson? Aunt May? Flash Thompson? Is the woman with the red hair supposed to be Mary Jane? I don’t know, because there are too many jump cuts and bridges blowing up for me to know anything about the movie.

    If the actual movie looks like this, that will be very discouraging. However, I wasn’t real thrilled with the X-Men trailers, either, and that movie blew me away with how good it was. Hopefully that will happen again.

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