Spiner Signs For Trek Ten

No one is surprised by this, but I have to list it for completeness: Brent Spiner is now signed for the next Trek movie. Read all about it. There were rumors during the production of ST:Insurrection that Spiner wanted his character, Data, to be killed during the movie, as he reportedly believed he was getting too old to play an ageless android. Let’s officially start the rumors up again. :-)

2 replies on “Spiner Signs For Trek Ten”

  1. Ageing chip?
    well data has the emotion chip.. im sure with a little replicator technology, etc.. someone could create a chip to make data age.. and keep him in future movies..

  2. Data’s “mother”
    The more advanced android that was Dr. Soong’s wife could age, right? A little reverse engineering can go a long way…

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