Ewan MacGregor aging Make-Up Test

AICN has what appears to be a make-up test for Ewan MacGregor. Check out the phenomenal work here. I used to be concerned about the obviously different actor playing Obi-Wan, and the jump in appearance that we’d get between episodes 3 and 4. I’m no longer worried.

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  1. What a relief
    Also, good to see that Ewan will still look hot at just about any age. *swoon* If his Star Wars stint wouldn’t have done it for me (and it did), I just saw Moulin Rouge last week for the first time and fell head over heels.


    p.s. fiziko, if you see this—-write me, I lost your e-mail address. :-/

  2. photoshop
    i’m tending to agree with the comments on the page that it’s just a photoshop job. why would a movie company spend money/time (which it takes a significant amount of to get an actor to sit down in front of a makeup expert for hours) on a “make-up test” and then produce a blurry, bad image of it. besides, the beard is crooked, and ewan suddenly has a lazy eye? whatever.

    however it does give you an simple idea of how they’d make him up to match a younger obi-wan (alec guinness that is).

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