Weekly Digital Disc Picks – May 12, 2009

Those with Blu-Ray will be much more impressed with this week’s offerings than those still running on DVD.

First, the DVD picks:

Now, the Blu-Ray picks:

Finally, the picks of the week. AceCaseOR and Fiziko both agree on the six movie Star Trek Blu-Ray collection for this week’s most appealing title.

6 replies on “Weekly Digital Disc Picks – May 12, 2009”

  1. I suspect the round table thing in the Star Trek box set is not all five Captains because only two of them have Captained a ship in a film. Mulgrew just had a cameo in Nemesis, and Brooks and Bakula haven’t been in any films at all.

    Which is kind of a shame, I always wanted them to make a DS9 film – but at the time, they’d have just mucked it up anyway.

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