There are a couple of points of interest this week. The really big releases seem to be waiting for June. Also, Universal is rereleasing a few dozen titles not listed here with “Land of the Lost” movie cash included.

First, the DVD picks:

Now, the Blu-Ray picks:

Finally, the picks of the week. AceCaseOR says, “While the new Terminator 2 re-release has a lot of bonus features on there, I’m going with Spy Game – Redford and Pitt have some excellent chemistry here, and I might say that it’s got a mixture of Forsyth’s subject matter, but Stross’ Tongue-in-Cheek-ness (that would be Charles Stross, writer of The Atrocity Archive). It’s not a comedy, but there’s a few places where I just found myself smiling.” Fiziko says, “I’m going with A Bug’s Life, if only because I’m a little tired of the whole double/triple/octuple dip going on with Terminator 2.”