Weekly Digital Disc Picks – May 19, 2009

There are a couple of points of interest this week. The really big releases seem to be waiting for June. Also, Universal is rereleasing a few dozen titles not listed here with “Land of the Lost” movie cash included.

First, the DVD picks:

Now, the Blu-Ray picks:

Finally, the picks of the week. AceCaseOR says, “While the new Terminator 2 re-release has a lot of bonus features on there, I’m going with Spy Game – Redford and Pitt have some excellent chemistry here, and I might say that it’s got a mixture of Forsyth’s subject matter, but Stross’ Tongue-in-Cheek-ness (that would be Charles Stross, writer of The Atrocity Archive). It’s not a comedy, but there’s a few places where I just found myself smiling.” Fiziko says, “I’m going with A Bug’s Life, if only because I’m a little tired of the whole double/triple/octuple dip going on with Terminator 2.”

4 replies on “Weekly Digital Disc Picks – May 19, 2009”

  1. Regardless of whether or not I’ve seen it, the picture that has been circulating of Kristen Bell in the Leia bikini are making it my pick of the week :-)

    It’s at the top of my Blockbuster Online queue, now I just need to watch something I’ve got and send it back in…

    • And by that I, of course, meant Fanboys. Somehow I managed to forget to type that part. My mind must have been elsewhere.

  2. The Guild is really good – those of you with Xbox Live can see it for free. For those of you that don’t know, it follows the ‘real life’ events in a group of MMO players and is hilarious.

    Also, Felicia Day.

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