X-Files Weekly Feature

Starting tomorrow, there will be a new weekly feature on Bureau 42, in the form of X-Files episode reviews and discussions. To find out more about the structure and goal of these articles, click the “Read More” link below.

Each week, there will be a review of something relating to The X-Files. In weeks with new episodes, there will be a review of that episode. In other weeks, there will be a review of the DVD releases of the show, one disk at a time.

Since I’m getting my feed from the Pacific coast, one time zone west of me, the reviews won’t be ready Sunday nights, so this will be a Monday feature. There will be a strong focus on comparing these episodes to where the show has been, and where it may be going.

The first article will be up tomorrow, and it will review Roadrunners, tonight’s episode. In all the reviews, the paragraph visible from the main Bureau 42 page will not contain spoilers; they will only come in the discussion and after the “Read More” link.

Since I’ll be writing these, I should probably tell you about myself and my background as a fan of the show. Let me start by saying I started watching the show on and off late in season two, and was hooked with the Anasazi/The Blessing Way/Paper Clip three-part episode that ended season two and launched season three. Since then, I’ve managed to see every episode, all three specials (Secrets of the X-Files, More Secrets of the X-Files, and Inside the X-Files,) and, of course, the movie, all of which will be reviewed in due time. (Half the year are rerun episodes, so there should be no problem catching up.) To date, the only episode I didn’t enjoy was The Field Where I Died. Some people think that was the best episode of the series. If you are one of them, post your feelings below.

The goal of these articles is to provide a forum for people to discuss the show and the episodes. Please, come out for the discussion. Who knows; maybe we’ll point out similarities or connections to other episodes you hadn’t noticed. Maybe you’ll spot something I missed…

Well, that’s it for today. Post your reactions below, and come back tomorrow! Don’t forget, the season two DVD boxed set’s official release date is Tuesday…