David Eddings dies

As seen at the BBC, David Eddings, author of the Elenium, the Belgariad and numerous other fantasy novels, has died aged 77. His wife Leigh, who was much involved in the writing process, died two years ago.

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  1. […] RIP David Eddings Jun.08, 2009 in Feed News, Uncategorized According to the BBC, US fantasy author David Eddings has died at 77 due to natural causes. More coverage at the Guardian. (via bureau42) […]

  2. I know a lot of hardcore Fantasy fans look down on Eddings’ stuff, but I have to say the Belgariad one of the best interpretations of the “Hero’s Journey” motif I’ve ever read.

    Admittedly, he probably went too far with the various prequels and such but he’s not alone in that (yeah, I’m looking at you Terry Brooks).

    If you’re looking for a good read, I highly recommend his stuff if you’re into epic fantasy journeys.

  3. Holy crap! This news is such a blow to me. David Eddings was the very first Fantasy author I read and is the reason I still read Fantasy today.

    He will be missed. :-(

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