6 replies on “Trailer for Battlestar Galactica: The Plan”

  1. This could be an interesting post-series episode that actually makes sense of “the plan” that we never quite saw.

    Or, it could be a case of “all this has happened before, but we’re going to profit from it again.”

    • The fact that Olmos is directing it gives me hope for the former, rather than the latter.

  2. meh … so the writers finally got the time to try to explain the mess they made of the plot? Color me skeptical … and a little bitter. Mini-series=awesome, 1st season=awesome, 2nd season=things start going downhill and accelerate from there. Oh well, I’ll probably watch it anyway on Hulu or something …

  3. Bleah. The only way I’ll buy the DVDs or Blu-Rays is if I can get the final episode without the last 20-some minutes.

    • You could always press the “Stop” button when Galactica jumps in over the moon, which feels like a good natural stopping place (and I betcha they’ll find a way to make that an episode break if/when they strip BSG for hourly re-runs).

  4. “All the humans are dead

    It will probably still be good, but I was looking forward to this more before the trailer. Hopefully The Plan will be used to smooth out some of the actual rough edges instead of just answering questions with easily inferred answers.

    Cavil behind everything is going to need to be sold pretty hard, too. For most of the series the other cylons all seemed plenty decisive, resourceful, cunning and ruthless on their own (for the most part).

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