Dollhouse Discussion – Full season, with episode 13

The DVD and Blu-Ray owners of Dollhouse can now watch the thirteenth episode produced. Here’s a place to discuss it. Newcomers to the show who missed in broadcast can also chime in on anything they want from the series.

3 replies on “Dollhouse Discussion – Full season, with episode 13”

  1. I loved the thirteenth episode. I thought it was appropriately trippy, and logically followed what could happen with the tech they introduced in the show so far. It’s obvious that they can pick up from there, with a lot more limited sets, since everything is in ruins, and would save the budget, but I suspect they’ll pick up where they left off in episode twelve, and will leave the rest as a possible future.

  2. The only thing better than getting this episode is the realization that we have another season in store, and it should start the season _being_this_good_. Well, aside from the season opener which usually sucks. It was, in a word, amazing.

    Lex – I agree that they’ll probably continue the show as is (unless they want a totally different cast; doubtful since it’s a vanity project). Which, provided they keep the quality as good as the second half of the season, will be incredibly good.

    Southcenter – it’s set in 2019, with backstory fill in via flashbacks.

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