Star Trek: The TNN Connection

Recently rebranded “The National Network” to coincide with their acquisition of all WWF programming (go figure), TNN has acquired the rights to three Star Trek series (all but the ’60s original). Also in this report: a quick summary of all which is known about the next Trek movie.

4 replies on “Star Trek: The TNN Connection”

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me!
    Jeez, what are they going to do, put it in the time slot between Dukes of Hazzard and Dallas? Of course, I guess it’s no worse than what the local Fox affiliates do with TNG reruns, but still.

  2. TNN r00lz
    Sorry, just had to be a bit fanboy-ish there, for comic effect.

    Yeah, TNN is still very much “The Nashville Network” but their long-range plans are, apparently, to rebrand themselves as a more suburban-friendly net. They do still have “The Dukes Of Hazzard,” which I still occasionally watch and laugh at (though, for nostalgic comedy, nothing beats “The A-Team”).

    They’ve already started: If you can bring yourself to tune in for a while, they have a veritable plethora of “We’ve Got Pop” spots, as they try to identify themselves as pop-culture. The WWF, no matter its roots, is obscenely popular with a lot of money-making demographics. There are, no doubt, other overtures to that end as well.

    I’m just amused by the fact that, since TNN and Paramount are all owned by the same megacorporate conglomerate, no real money likely changed hands. It’s all just numbers in a ledger somewhere, so the Sci-Fi Network never really had a chance. No amount of real money can compete with all the fictitious money they can create by shuffling papers about.

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