6 replies on “Galactica 3.0 is Coming”

  1. Yeah, maybe this will be good. But even the original Galactica, derivative as it was of Star Wars and Chariots of the Gods, was at least an original property. The re-invention turned the premise into something impressive and lasting (ending notwithstanding).

    Why do it again? Why not back some other SF project, not tied into any existing series, mythology, et cetera? This may turn into something worth watching, but at this point it strikes me as artistic laziness.

  2. No. Just…no. Too soon after the latest and frankly, I’m good with RDM’s version standing for a good long time (though Caprica is tantalizingly close). Glen Larson is a cheese-master and honestly, Singer ain’t all that and the bag of chips.

    Leave it be. Spend your time and money on something, dare I say it, new.

  3. Hopefully it will the opposite recent dreary dark reboot, and be all light and gay (not Torchwood gay, but Iron man gay! *g*)

    • The very premise is dark. Larson’s original completely missed its own point. Humanity on the ragged edge of survival. How can that be light and gay?


  4. Buffy’s TV corpse is still warm and they’re already working on a re-do of it.. The Hulk has been “re-envisioned” twice this decade.. I guess it’s the new Hollywood Mantra, as soon as the first remake is finished start another one, that way they won’t have to try creating anything new.

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