Spider-Man, the first of the big summer movies, opens Friday. So what other tickets should you be pre-ordering?

This summer’s top movies are gonna be “Star Wars Episode II” and “Spider-Man”. If you aren’t already planning to see them both, there’s something very wrong with you… But later on, there’s some other interesting movies that haven’t yet been hyped to death.

“Men In Black II” – given that, at the end of the first one, Tommy Lee Jones had his brain wiped, I can only wonder how they’re planning to bring him back. This will be more comedy than SF, obviously, but it’ll still rake in money like, well, like something with a really big rake. And it has aliens, so it counts. (Opens July 3)

“Austin Powers in: Goldmember” – Apparently they’ve worked out the legal issues with the name. (The Bond people were suing because they were worried that people might somehow confuse this movie with “Goldfinger.” I doubt that would happen, but that’s just me.) This movie has less of a SF/fantasy claim than MiB2, but the last one had time travel, so I guess it counts. (July 26)

“Minority Report” – psychic cops? Sounds SF to me. I’ll just wait to see how they market it… if they play the psychic cops thing too heavily, it’ll lose all the mainstream audience that Tom Cruise would normally draw. (June 21)

“Scooby-Doo” – again, maybe not SF, but just plain cool. If the computer-generated Great Dane doesn’t look goofy, this could be a pleasant surprise. (June 14)

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