2009 Emmy Winners Announced

The list of Emmys awarded during last night’s broadcast is available here. Genre winners during the broadcast include Lost and Pushing Daisies. These do not include the special awards distributed before the broadcast, including that won by Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

5 replies on “2009 Emmy Winners Announced”

  1. I didn’t catch the telecast. Anyone see if they included writing awards in the broadcast or were the cut “for time.”

    The whole concept is laughable, but it shows how stupid Hollywood brass has become. Writing? We don’t need writing for good shows. We just throw idiots on a deserted island and film them. That’s entertaining!

      • It’s Reality TVs dirty little secret (one they learned from Jerry Springer), it’s all scripted.

        Which only makes for (dare I say it) worse Reality TV. Bad writing + people that have no business being on screen = Well, turn on the TV and find out because words can not adequately describe the horror.

        • See, that’s the technically they use; they aren’t scripted. That’s not to say they aren’t planned and outlined, but the people involved aren’t handed dialogue per se.

          Another little known fact: the longest running unscripted series in TV history is Bonanza. They kept production moving at a rapid pace making that many episodes per year by telling the actors the goals and information revealed in a scene, and leaving it up to the actors to improvise the dialogue. This is the approach I believe most “reality” TV takes. I believe they seek out people who have the specific personality types they’re looking for and put them together so that they can claim these people aren’t actors. The team who produces “Survivor” admitted to having people recreate conversations and arguments that weren’t caught on film the first time.

          Scripted or not, I can’t stand most reality TV because it seems to promote and reward the worse possible behaviours present in our society.

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