4 replies on “Tarantino promises more “Kill Bill””

  1. JD DeLuzio says:

    Well, yeah, it’s not like the first two parts were already long enough.

  2. lunadude says:

    Kill Bill was a fun story, I’d happily see more of it.

    In this age of remakes and children’s cartoons, as BIG BUDGET BLOCKBUSTERS, I’d prefer to watch relatively original content.

  3. Scifi^2 says:

    I’m still hoping for a director’s cut with parts 1 and 2 edited together to even the pace out.

  4. zonk3r says:

    I hate to mention this but Bill’s dead. Hell the actor that played him is even dead (I’ll spare the jokes). So will this be “Killed Bill”?

    As Scifi^2 said I’m also looking forward to a reedit of the two movies because of pacing. It was more uneven than IB which was good but jeeze it could have used some coaxing.

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