Tarantino promises more “Kill Bill”

Thanks go to Chad for pointing out the news to us. Quentin Tarantino has promised a third volume in the Kill Bill story, but not right away.

4 replies on “Tarantino promises more “Kill Bill””

  1. Kill Bill was a fun story, I’d happily see more of it.

    In this age of remakes and children’s cartoons, as BIG BUDGET BLOCKBUSTERS, I’d prefer to watch relatively original content.

  2. I’m still hoping for a director’s cut with parts 1 and 2 edited together to even the pace out.

  3. I hate to mention this but Bill’s dead. Hell the actor that played him is even dead (I’ll spare the jokes). So will this be “Killed Bill”?

    As Scifi^2 said I’m also looking forward to a reedit of the two movies because of pacing. It was more uneven than IB which was good but jeeze it could have used some coaxing.

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