Monty Python And The Holy Lego

It’ll take about a zillion years to download all the graphics, but this rendition of select scenes from “english crazy movie” Monty Python And The Holy Grail is worth the wait. Just trust me on this.

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  1. Michael Palin…
    why is it that the lego men of any Michael Palin character really look like him (the priest with the handgrenade, sir galahad etc.)

    maybe the lego boys used him as the original smiley lego man model, and used his various haricuts to form lego-man hair?

  2. lego’s, the source of all life.
    Upon visiting this site, I also checked out some of the other things on it. It strikes me as interesting that most of the LEGO replicas of the Star Wars vehicles are actually a lot better than the “official” ones… don’t get me wrong, I venerate the holy name of LEGO, I simply feel that the fan work is a lot more dedicated and indicative of grand imagination and a labor of love than the ones reliant on “special” pieces as the “official” ones are.

  3. Deckard has now been sacked
    We would like to apoligese for the string of silly and quite possibly inacurate string of postings. The pary party responsible has now been sacked. Please go on to enjoy the following postings written by llamas.

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