With The X-Files off the air next season, I
won’t be doing the weekly reviews of that show. I do,
however, see six shows on the schedule that I will be
watching each week, but I’ll only have time to review
one on a regular basis. theangrymob’s already
reviewing Enterprise, so that takes one off
the list. The other five are described in more detail
below. So, read up, and post a comment telling me
which of these shows you want to see reviewed!

I’ll list the shows alphabetically, starting with:


This, in my opinion, has surpassed Buffy
this season. For those who don’t know, this fall it
starts its fourth season. It’s a Buffy
spinoff that covers the adventures of a vampire with
a soul and his friends fighting demons in Los
Angeles. It’ll move into the Sunday time slot that
The X-Files used to occupy, and it’s staying
on the WB network.

Birds Of Prey

The creators of Smallville have assembled a
new show about a different DC property. This one is
about a group of female superheroes fighting the good
fight in a post-Batman Gotham City. It’s got a
promising cast (IMDB
) and great advance word from Ain’t
It Cool News
. There’s already a decent looking
up. It will air Wednesday nights on the WB. (I
believe it’s the hour after Enterprise,
assuming you get WB and UPN from the same time zone.)
Expect to see it advertised during
Smallville, and vice versa. (I’m honestly
surprised they didn’t move Seventh Heaven
and run these shows back-to-back.)

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

This is a story about some people trying to grow up
amidst dozens of demons that want to destroy, hurt,
exploit, and otherwise make life generally unpleasant
for most average humans. It’ll stay where it is in
UPN’s Tuesday night lineup.


Fox is a bit upset at having passed on airing
Buffy: The Vampire Slayer when Joss Whedon
still pitched it to them. This time, they have
decided that they’re not going to make the same
mistake. They’re running Joss Whedon’s new show
(which has nothing to do with Buffy) on
Friday nights this fall.


The WB started running this show last September.
I’ve made sure I haven’t missed an episode since the
premier. It’s flawed, but very promising, and one of
the best Superman adaptations I’ve seen.

So, those are the shows. List your vote in the
comments below. I’ll count them up when this article
scrolls off the headlines list in the upper right
corner of the main page, and post a new article
naming the show that you’ll see for review. Be